Mandy Papas Hypnotherapist in Winchester

Mandy Papas (DIP Hyp, CP) Cert.SportsHyp (CSH)(CHBPP)

Mandy Papas:  (DIP, Hyp, CP) Cert.SportsHyp(CSH)(CHBPP)

Hello, I’m Mandy and I am a Health & Wellbeing Coach in Winchester

I offer a therapy and coaching service at my Winchester clinic. Home visit are available in certain circumstances.

I experienced a course of hypnotherapy sessions many years ago which transformed my life and I have always been fascinated by the power of the mind and the influence it has over our bodies particularly in relation to our health, this led me to learn hypnosis for myself and become a hypnotherapist.

I have a wealth of life experience, and have enjoyed raising two daughters. I have moved up the generation ladder quickly as a proud grandma to two gorgeous grandsons! I have worked in several different careers in recruitment, sales and admin but have always been drawn to a more holistic path. I believe my experiences in life enable me to relate to many of my clients and to gain good rapport as I can relate to their issues. I feel very passionate about making a difference in people’s lives. I am very friendly and approachable and create a warm, trusting environment, allowing my clients to fully relax and experience the full benefit of my therapy.

Health & Wellbeing Coach in Winchester

I love working with clients at my Winchester clinic,  helping them make positive change in their life, identifying their goals and working towards them whilst dealing with issues such as stress, self-esteem and confidence, weight management, phobias and smoking cessation, pain relief and depression, amongst other issues. I pride myself on providing my clients with a caring and supportive environment which enables them to feel inspired and empowered to change their lives for good.

So if you are looking to reach your goals and experience a hypnotherapy, mindfulness or reiki session in Winchester that will help you to become the person you really want to be then contact me to chat further! I arrange an initial consultation to take a detailed history from you and to explain further how I can help you.

Mandy Papas, hypnotherapist, mindfulness coach and Reiki practitioner in Winchester city centre for help with a wide variety of problems including anxiety, stress, weight loss and smoking, you can contact me on 07917654546.