Hypnobirthing in Winchester

Hypnobirthing in WinchesterEvery birth is unique and using the easibirthing® method I can help to empower you to manage and enjoy your own individual experience, rather than fear it. Birth is supposed to be the most natural process in a woman’s life – it is what a women’s body was born to do – but over the years we have learnt to fear it – the more civilised we become, the greater the fear! We are influenced by other people’s horror stories and the media.

Hypnobirthing in Winchester for couples and individuals

I offer hypnobirthing in Winchester and during my courses, I help you to experience deep relaxation, remain calm, confident and most of all in control! I train you and your birth partner in self-hypnosis, relaxation and visualisation techniques, relaxation breathing and pain management. Breathing and relaxation for birthing changes your perception of control in your body and it allows you to work with your body to have an easier, safer and more comfortable birth. We also look at the important role that your birth partner plays. Hypnobirthing in Winchester will help you and your partner have a calmer birth experience.

I trained in the easibirthing®, method, a UK based model which was developed in conjunction with midwives and therefore complements UK birthing practices. easibirthing® is a registered trademark (the only one in the UK hypnosis for birthing world!) and therefore any practitioner using this trademark has been fully trained and qualified-a reassurance for the general public.

The CHBPP qualification is the only hypnosis for childbirth qualification in the UK which is independently accredited (ie. by the nchp). The National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (nchp) is one of the longest established and most respected hypnotherapy/hypno-psychotherapy training institutes in the world. Established in 1977, their training is UKCP and European-accredited.

How does fear effect your body in labour?

Many women automatically expect pain and lack of control during their labour but if you have fear in mind and expect pain – then you will experience pain. If you go into your labour in a state of fear then your body will go into the ‘Fight, Flight or Freeze response’. Your body will interpret this as a sign that it is not a ‘safe place or safe time’ for birth. You produce a stress hormone called Cortisol which reduces the production of Oxytocin (also known as the love hormone), which is needed in large quantities for the progression of your labour. Oxytocin is produced in the brain and released into the bloodstream during labour causing the uterus to contract. The release of Oxytocin creates feelings of contentment, reduces anxiety and increases feelings of security and calm and there is evidence to suggest that Oxytocin aids mother-baby bonding.

During the Fight, Flight or Freeze response your blood supply and energy will be diverted away from your uterus and towards those muscle groups needed to defend you such as your arms and legs. There is a greater chance of pain, distress, possible tearing and your labour slowing down or stopping altogether – therefore requiring more medical intervention. Hypnobirthing in Winchester with Mandy Papas can help you feel calmer up to and during birth.

How can Hypnotherapy help during childbirth?

Hypnotherapy techniques such as relaxation, visualisation and breathing all promote a state of calm in the body and

send positive messages to your body which has to produce the right hormones to progress a positive healthy natural labour. It is this relaxed positive mind that floods the body with endorphins which are a natural anaesthesia. Positive messages are also sent to your baby via these hormones that tell it that it is a safe time to be born.

Your body is controlled by your Autonomic Nervous System. This is made up of two parts- the Sympathetic Part which responds to stress and can cause high blood pressure and the flight or fight response. Negative message about birth can be perceived as real and can slow your labour down or in some cases stop it altogether. The Parasympathetic Part keeps your body in a state of harmony and balance and this is stimulated by using hypnotherapy techniques promoting a natural labour that is right for your body.

Benefits of using the Easibirthing® hypnobirthing in Winchester:

Using this effective method, you can feel confident that throughout your sessions I will work closely with you, offering a bespoke service, enabling you to:

  • Reduce or eliminate fear
  • Easily relax at will
  • Significantly reduce or diminish the need for medication
  • Increase the rate of spontaneous vaginal birth, reducing the need for intervention
  • Shorten the labour time by reducing anxiety at each stage
  • Make it possible to manage and control sensations of discomfort
  • Promote a steady recovery
  • Foster and increase positive emotions during the entire birth
  • Help you to create an experience that has positive memories attached
  • Reduce incidence of post-natal depression
  • Stimulate and maintain a strong energy level into the post-delivery phase
  • Promote lactation for breast feeding
  • Resulting in a calmer and more laid back baby.

Clinical Evidence to support hypnotherapy for childbirth:

There is a whole host of clinical evidence that supports the use of hypnotherapy techniques for a natural and positive childbirth experience and some of these include:

A study by Bobart and Brown in 2002 compared two groups of 36 mothers. One group were given hypnosis training, the other group received no such training. During labour, 39% of the Hypnosis group required anaesthetic or premedication as compared to 97% of the control group. (29)

Reducing anxiety in the mother benefits the foetus:

Zimmer et al (1988) demonstrated that mothers who used hypnosis for anxiety and stress management had foetuses which moved in a much more active manner than a control group.(24). Baby APGAR scores were found to be significantly higher in the babies who had been born using hypnosis for childbirth techniques. Similar findings have been made by Harmon et al (28)

Managing complications of pregnancy:

Hypnosis has been proven to be beneficial in managing premature labours and reducing the likelihood of premature labour and birth in high-risk patients, (31, 32, 33). It has also has been effective in the treatment of hyperemesis gravidarum,(34-35) acute hypertension associated with pregnancy (36) and conversion of breech to vertex presentation.(37)

Reducing the length of labour:

Hypnosis can reduce the length of labour: Jenkins and Prichard (1993) found a reduction of 3 hours for prim gravid women with pushing reduced from 50 minutes to 37 minutes. The women reported being more satisfied with their labour, feeling less anxious and sleeping better. For multi gravid women, labour was reduced by an hour. (25).

In two separate studies Abrahamson and Heron (1950) and Gallagher (2001) hypnosis helped reduce the first stage of labour by an average of 3.23.hours compared to a control group of 88 women (26)(27)

Harmon et al (1990) (28) found that forty-five Hypnosis for Childbirth clients (all primagravidas) halved their active labour time from 9 hours to 4.5 using these techniques.

Mairs (1995) (38) reported a reduced occurrence of birth complications, surgery and hospital stay with women who had utilised hypnosis

Reduced rates of intervention:

Harmon, Hynan and Tyre (1990)(28) found thirty eight out of forty five Hypnosis for Childbirth mothers delivered spontaneously without the use of caesarean section, forceps or venteuse. The rate of 84% is higher than the average rate of normal birth for the general population of first time mothers.

Lowering the incidence of post partum depression and rapid recovery:

McCarthy (1998) found that by providing just five, thirty minute sessions of hypnosis, post-partum depression could be virtually eliminated as compared with usual rates of between 10 and 15%. Even women with a history of post-partum depression did not go on to develop this condition – the expected rate for this group would be in the region of 50%.

Harmon et al (1990) (28) reported a reduced incidence of post natal depression in women who had been taught hypnotic analgesia for childbirth.

Promoting Lactation:

Hypnosis can be used to promote and to suppress lactation.

So if you are interested to find out more about how you can have the kind of natural and positive birth experience you really want to have then contact me to discuss my hypnobirthing courses in Winchester.





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