Hypnofertility in Winchester

Hypnofertility in WinchesterI offer hypnofertility in Winchester for couples and individuals. Hypnofertility is hypnotherapy specifically to help with conception.

Are you struggling to conceive? Spent months trying and worrying why nothing is happening? Maybe you are having fertility treatment such as IVF? Stress makes it harder to conceive by suppressing luteinizing hormones, increasing serum cortisol levels, preventing implantation of a fertilised egg, reducing egg quality, delaying release of eggs and elevating prolactin levels.

It may be stressful and upsetting to talk to friends and family and even sometimes your partner about your feelings. If you are undergoing IVF or other evasive treatments, there is often no emotional support to help you with the process.

How can hypnotherapy for fertility help you concieve?

I work with couples or individual clients at my clinics in Winchester, offering a bespoke plan looking at their lifestyles and helping them to reduce their stress and anxiety levels by increasing relaxation,  removing subconscious  ‘blocks’ which may be preventing conception and gaining a greater sense of control over their lives. My clients feel more balanced and more optimistic, benefiting from additional support and although I cannot guarantee a pregnancy will occur, they experience a renewed hope in their chances of becoming parents. Hypnofertility in Winchester at one of my city centre clinics can increase your chances of conception and experiencing a healthy pregnancy.

I work with both male and female clients, helping many with the tedious process of going through fertility treatment and to recognise and enjoy a life outside of infertility and to strengthen their relationship. I also help and support clients that experience permanent infertility and work with them to accept a life without children.


Clinical Evidence to support hypnotherapy for fertility:

Hypnosis increases chance of Natural Conception by 110%

Infertile women utilizing mind/body techniques such as hypnosis have a 42 – 55% conception rate as compared to 20% with in vitro fertilization (IVF). The Journal of the American Medical Women’s Association 1999 and The Journal of Fertility and Sterility 2000. (Studies conducted by Alice Domar, PhD, director of the Beth Israel Deaconess Behavioural Medicine Program for Infertility in Boston).

Hypnosis and natural conception:

Hypnosis based on imagery and a relaxation strategy was successful in facilitating pregnancy. The treatment was considered to have resulted in beneficial modification of attitude, optimism, and mind-body interaction. The American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis. (Volume 38, Issue 1, 1995, 22-26): Hypnosis in the Treatment of Functional Infertility.

The positive impact of mind/body interventions:

In recent studies Journal of the American Medical Women’s (1999) & Journal Fertility and Sterility (2000) conducted at Harvard Medical School, 185 women who had been trying to conceive for one to two years were randomized into either a ten week mind/body group, a ten week support group, or a routine care control group. The birth rates during the one year follow-up period were as follows: mind body – 55%, support group 54%, and controls 20%. In addition, the mind/body patients reported significantly greater psychological improvements than the support or control patients. In four other published studies on several hundred women with average infertility duration of 3.5 years, 42 percent conceived within six months of completing the program and there were significant decreases in all measured psychological symptoms including depression, anxiety, and anger. Domar, A., Clapp, D., Slawsby, E., Dusek, J., Kessel, B., Freizinger, M (2000) Impact of group psychological interventions on pregnancy rates in infertile women. Fertility and Sterility Vol. 73, no.4 April.

Hypnosis Doubles IVF rate:

According to a Israeli study presented to the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology conference in Berlin in July of 2004, hypnosis can effectively double the success of IVF treatments. The study was conducted by Professor Eliahu Levitas and his team at Soroka Hospital in Beersheva to determine if hypnosis could improve the success of the embryo transfers stage of IVF. The study of 185 woman found that 28% of the women who were hypnotized for the IVF treatment became pregnant, compared to 14% of the women in the control group. Professor Levitas studied the effects of hypnosis for the IVF treatment and embryo transfer only, because prior studies that demonstrated the stress of the procedure created small contractions of the uterus that prevented the successful implantation of the fertilized egg. The professor indicated that tranquilizers had been used in prior studies, but nothing worked as well as hypnosis. “Performing embryo transfer under hypnosis may significantly contribute to an increased clinical pregnancy rate,” Professor Levitas told the conference in Berlin. He also hopes that this study will spark continued investigation into the use of hypnosis as an adjunct to fertility treatments. “The bottom line is I think it’s a good thing, it will work. Patients should be given the option if facilities are available”.

IVF patients should be offered hypnosis:

As mind/body programs are effective for reducing negative emotions that may impair IVF success, patients should be offered such a program in conjunction with IVF. Fertility and Sterility Journal.1998, vol. 69.

Hypnosis beneficial to IVF procedures:

Hypnosis as an adjunct to IVF procedures could be beneficial to those who are unable to conceive naturally. Australian Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis. (Vol. 31, No. 2, 2003, 121-127): Recipe for a Miracle: Determination, Optimism, Medical Technology, and Hypnosis in IVF.

From Depression to Viable Pregnancy:

Women with depression, when treated showed a 60% viable pregnancy rate within six months, contrasting with 24% when depression went untreated. Journal of American Medical Women’s Association, 1999, vol. 54.


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