Hypnotherapy For Phobias In Winchester

Hypnotherapy for phobias in WinchesterHave you ever wondered what it would be like to conquer a fear or phobia that’s holding you back in life? Have you just been putting up with your phobia – secretly hoping that it will just go away? Does your fear or phobia keep you awake at night and hold you back in life? I can help you overcome your phobia or fear using hypnotherapy.

What is Fear?

Fear is a basic human emotion. It is designed to protect us and is an important part of our survival. Fear triggers our stress response known as the ‘Flight or Fight Response’. This is our basic survival instinct as ‘Caveman Joe’ to either run away from the tiger or stay and fight the tiger! Our heart rate increases, blood flow diverts to the parts of the body needed to fight or flight – the arms and the legs. We produce an increased amount of adrenaline as our heart rate increases.

But – what happens in today’s society when we experience the flight or fight response but haven’t had the opportunity to fight or run away? We carry that stress and fear within us and it builds up, making us feel unwell, overwhelmed and holds us back from leading a normal life.

What’s the difference between a fear and a phobia?

The main difference is in the severity of the emotional reaction. For example -a strong dislike of flying which can be controlled by the individual is a fear but if the fear is very intense and uncontrollable, then it is considered to be a phobia.

Some phobias are a form of Specific Anxiety which relate to one specific object or situation, such as spiders or heights. Other phobias are of are more generalised nature, such as claustrophobia or social phobia. Sometimes a phobia can be so bad that it holds you back in life and limits your quality of life. This can impact your family as well.

Some phobias occur as a direct result of an unpleasant experience that you may have experienced, such as a dog attack or getting stuck in a lift and we sometimes hold onto to these past experiences and they become an ongoing issue until they are dealt with effectively.

All phobias serve the same purpose – they are the body’s attempt to save us from a potentially threatening situation. It can happen that if a child has a terrifying experience and is unable to deal with the emotions they simply “block out” the memory of the experience and the feelings that went with it. If this happens then the feelings and emotions of that experience remain. As there is nowhere for these feelings to go, they remain inside the person, sometimes dormant for many years. When the person next experiences something that they find they are unable to deal with this can re-introduce that original fear but not the memory of it. The mind tries to make sense of the feelings and will project them outwards onto something, which in many cases, is totally unrelated to the original cause.

Top Ten Fears & Phobias in the UK

We are a nation of worriers and the most common fears and phobias include the following:

1. Social Phobia – Fear of interacting with other people

2. Agoraphobia – Fear of open, public spaces

3. Emetophobia – Fear of vomiting

4. Erythrophobia – Fear of blushing

5. Driving phobia – Fear of driving

6. Hypochondria – Fear of illness

7. Aerophobia – Fear of flying

8. Arachnophobia – Fear of spiders

9. Zoophobia – Fear of animals

10. Claustrophobia – Fear of confined spaces

Often beta blockers are prescribed to help a person deal with their fear or phobia – but often this is just masking the problem. Real help is at hand though. You can come to see me for hypnotherapy for phobias in Winchester at one of my city centre clinics.

How can hypnotherapy help you face and overcome your phobia or fear?

During a hypnotherapy session with a client to overcome  fears and phobias, a detailed history is taken of their issues, establishing the root cause of the fear, then facilitating positive changes through reprogramming. We often carry with us childhood fears and phobias which we have never dealt with but a guided hypnotherapy session can allow you to re-visit that childhood experience and put the past to rest. A process of de-sensitisation is carried out under hypnosis working with the subconscious mind, also encouraging positive visualisation of the client leading their life without the fear or phobia. The sessions are gentle, safe and effective and because the client is in a deep state of relaxation and always in control, the whole process is enjoyable and effective. Hypnotherapy for phobias and hypnotherapy for fears is effective and gentle. I have helped many clients with hypnotherapy for phobias in Winchester city centre clinics.

Hypnotherapy for phobias in Winchester

I offer free consultations for hypnotherapy for phobias in Winchester at one of my city centre clinics. To see all my clinics go to the locations tab at the top of the page. Take a look at the testimonial below from one of my very happy clients who came to see my for hypnotherapy for fears and phobias.

Testimonial for hypnotherapy for fears and phobias

“Have you ever felt as if you were losing control of your life but didn’t have the strength to make the changes you knew deep down that you wanted. This is how I felt before I went to see Mandy. I went because I trusted her and because I knew I had to try something new If I was going to get my old, positive, energetic self back again! Mandy made me feel really relaxed. She put a huge amount of time and preparation into structuring sessions that would really target the things I wanted to work on. After just a few sessions I finally had the courage to start living the life I wanted again, facing fears that suddenly didn’t seem too big to handle any more. Hypnotherapy is fantastic. It helps you to listen to the part of your mind that knows what is right for you but doesn’t get a chance to be heard in the muddle, stress and confusion of modern life. If you want to try this fantastic therapy in the hands of someone highly professional who really cares about helping the people she treats then go and see Mandy. It was a fantastic experience for me.”

Emma, Winchester