Reiki In Winchester

Young Therapist Doing Reiki Therapy To Senior WomanReiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Energy, a natural healing energy which is all around us. It evolved in Japan from the experience and dedication of Dr Mikao Usui (d. 1926).

Reiki is a wonderful calming and stress-reducing therapy which is performed clothed on a massage couch or seated. It treats the physical, emotional and spiritual body and can be used to alleviate stress, anxiety and depression. It is also beneficial for pain management and releasing blocks that may be holding you back in life. Many people also benefit from improved sleep patterns.

Our physical body is sensitive to the energy of thoughts and emotions. When we experience negative feelings or thoughts about ourselves, develop negative thought patterns and beliefs, or experience a physical or emotional shock, this can create emotional and physiological blockages that eventually disrupt our health. Unreleased stress is stored in the fibres of your organs, muscles and connective tissue, blocking the
flow of energy through your body. During a Reiki session, muscles are relaxed and the energy flow unblocked, helping to reduce physical tension and pain.

My treatments enable your body and mind to enjoy a flow of energy that balances both your mind and body and enjoy some much needed time out from your busy life. Reiki supports your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

What happens during a Reiki Treatment?

The method of receiving a Reiki treatment from a practitioner is a very simple and enjoyable process. The recipient simply lies on a couch and relaxes. If they are unable to lie down the treatment can be given in a sitting position, the main thing is for the recipient to be as comfortable
as possible. There is no need to remove any clothing as Reiki will pass through anything, even plaster casts. The practitioner gently places their hands non-intrusively in a sequence of positions which cover the whole body. The whole person is treated rather than specific symptoms. A full treatment usually takes 45 minutes with each position held for several minutes. Reiki frees and aligns the body’s energy system, which in turn releases pain on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Which conditions can Reiki help?

It is possible to heal at any level of being: physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Acute injuries can be helped to heal very quickly but more chronic illness takes longer.