Sports Performance hypnotherapy in Winchester

Sports performance hypnotherapyAre you lacking motivation in your sport? Are yoy letting negative self-talk affect your sporting performance? Perhaps you find it hard to establish positive goals to work towards. Are you recovering from injury or suffering with nerves during competitions?Do you want to be at the top of your game with that winning edge? Well if you answered yes to any of the above, then come and chat to me about the sports performance hypnotherapy  in Winchester.

Sports performance hypnotherapy in Winchester city centre

I work with clients in Winchester offering hypnotherapy sessions for increased sports performance by combining hypnotherapy with traditional sports psychology to assist with many common sporting psychological problems. It is particularly effective for building confidence and motivation, managing anxiety or anger, overcoming poor past performances, visualising new or complicated techniques, improving focus and concentration, stopping negative self-talk, returning back to sport from injury and creating training and performance goals.  There has been a long history of hypnosis in sport and the evidence shows that it really can give you that winning edge over your opponents. Studies have shown that a common sports hypnotherapy technique such as visualisation is as effective as reality in improving sports performance.

The History of Hypnotherapy in Sport

  • 1956 – Melbourne Olympics – Russians take along 11 hypnotherapists.
  • 1958- Gym owner Lou Ravelle appears on film using hypnosis for weightlifting.
  • 1978 – England cricket captain Mike Brearley using hypnotherapy for battling confidence.
  • 1996 – Steve Collins beats Chris Eubank in WBO Super Middleweight title after hypnosis sessions to improve focus.
  • 2005 – Irishman Kevin McBride wins in 6th round after hypnotherapy to eliminate negative thoughts for his fight with Mike Tyson.
  • 2008 – Beijing Olympics – American Vincent Hancock wins gold in the Olympic Skeet after hypnotherapy for relaxation and positive thinking, and Australian Steve Hooker wins the pole vault after hypnotherapy to overcome his fear of vaulting and to improve his overall sporting performance.

Hypnotherapy for sport continues to be used to date in all disciplines of sport with great names such as Tiger Woods using hypnotherapy techniques to block out distractions and focus on his game.

How can I help your sports performance with hypnotherapy?

During a course of sports hypnotherapy sessions, I carry out an initial assessment, identifying your problem areas, reviewing any specific incidents relating to your problem and identifying your current status, strengths and weaknesses and identify your goals. We then agree an action plan to move forward, which includes teaching you self-hypnosis and life skills that can be utilised in all areas of your life, not just your sport. We look at your inner self talk and if suitable carry out a SCAT test (a Sport Competition Anxiety Test). My therapy works well alongside a sports coach – my hypnotherapy sessions work with your mind and a sports coach works with the other elements that make you great!

Hypnotherapy for Sports Performance in Winchester, please call me on 07917654546 if you would like a free consultation.