Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy in Winchester

Stop smoking hypnotherapy in WinchstereMost people know that by stopping smoking they will save thousands of pounds a year. They also know that if they stop they will enjoy significant health benefits and could add years to their life. So why do people continue to smoke? Many different reasons are given for not quitting, but underlying them all is the fear that it is going to be too difficult and painful.

Smokers worry that they won’t be able to enjoy life or handle stress, that they will put on weight, that they will have to go through an awful trauma to stop, and that they will never be completely free of the craving. Being a smoker has become their identity and many fear this will be too difficult to change.

Why is hypnotherapy so successful to help you stop smoking?

Hypnotherapy to stop smoking is a long-term effective treatment as it utilises the power of your subconscious mind – the place where you hold all your habits – good and bad! You weren’t born with the desire to smoke – it had become a bad habit that you developed over a period of time…but bad habits can be replaced with good healthy ones! If you just reply on your conscious mind and will power, it is just not sustainable enough but when we are working directly with your subconscious this is much more powerful and effective in making lasting change.

After experiencing your hypnotherapy session to become a non-smoker in just 90 minutes, you can leave as a happy permanent non-smoker with a healthy lifestyle plan to take away with you.  We identify your ‘danger zones’ and incorporate coping techniques. We look at your emotional reasons in becoming a non-smoker and I teach you ways to de-stress and relax.

Hypnotherapy to stop smoking removes the need and the desire to smoke ever again and my clients leave their session feeling confident and in control.

So if you want to stop smoking and become a happier, wealthier and healthier you then come and talk to me about my hypnotherapy to stop smoking in Winchester.

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