From Some Of My Happy Clients

“I decided to look into mindfulness to help my symptoms of anxiety. There were three of us that decided to do a course. I found Mandy’s website online,I called and knew straight away that she was the right person to help. Meeting Mandy for the first time was delightful. She was friendly,engaging,knowledgeable and flexible with times. Every session was interesting and relaxing. This helped me cope with my anxiety through breathing and meditation.
 Finding time to practice was hard but with Mandy’s encouragement and positive energy I wanted to learn and improve.I would highly recommend  ‘Positively You’ as it’s definitely enhanced my well being and has been a well worth the experience so that I can continue to practise in the future. A big thank you Mandy!”
Allyson Hughes, January 2017


‘Mandy is a fantastic mindfulness coach who took the principles of mindfulness and helped me to work them into my daily routine so that it became a positive lifestyle change.  She provided a comfortable confidential environment where I could relax and enjoy the coaching sessions where she ultimately guided me towards leading a happier and more fulfilled life.’
Sara March 2016


‘Our hypnobirthing sessions with Mandy really helped us keep calm during the pregnancy and also helped us relax and stay focused throughout the labour. Towards the end of my pregnancy I was waking up in the night quite a lot and the recordings also helped me to relax and get back off to sleep quickly. Mandy is friendly and professional and we’re really pleased we went down the route of hypnobirthing.
Laura Stevenson February 2016


 ‘I thoroughly enjoyed Mandy’s classes and found her calm, friendly and informative sessions really useful. I now carry out mindfulness in my everyday life and it has really improved my work and personal life enormously. I think everyone would benefit from a mindfulness course!
Sarah S , March 2016


“Dear Mandy, I just wanted to thank you for the 8 week Mindfulness course. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your knowledge and teaching me how to live a mindful life, managing negative thoughts and getting the mind to focus on the here and now and the positive.  For me, it has literally been life changing.  The course had such a powerful impact that mindfulness has now become part of my daily life and the meditation has helped in many situations.  It’s given me new direction and I’m really excited to start the new year with the techniques I’ve learnt during the Mindfulness course.  Thank you so much.
Lisa Lockyer. December 2015


 I was quite nervous at my first session, convinced it would not work, but Mandy was friendly, very easy to talk to, and put me at my ease. I had three sessions, each one building on the previous one, and I reinforce the therapy by listening to the recordings of those sessions. I was a sugar addict with a very strong will. I had been unable to exercise for a year and had started to put on weight. I couldn’t stick to a diet and so I thought I’d try hypnotherapy, with no great thoughts of success. AMAZING!! After only one session with Mandy I was already changing my eating and shopping habits. I have now been able to remove sweet items from my diet and I no longer make impulse purchases of two for one goodies. I had a Yorkie bar in the fridge for three weeks, until my husband ate it, and it did not appeal to me at all. Prior to the therapy that Yorkie bar would probably not even have made it as far as the fridge. After 10 weeks since my first session I’m still surprised by the changes that I’ve been able to make – I have lost 17lbs! – I have no hesitation, at all, in recommending Mandy.
C R Winchester


Mandy’s course has been a life changing experience. For someone with a long history of mental problems, it has been a huge help. It has changed my perception of the present and made me more focused on the here and the now. I’ve always been pessimistic about the future but it made me realise that you have to make the most of the present moment. Because this is what matters. l wouldn’t say it made me a different person but it definitely made  me more conscious of the importance of life’s little pleasures, of the extraordinariness of the ordinary as I would call it now. I have learnt to be grateful for what I have and for what life brings me in general. Thank you so much Mandy.” 
Christelle. September 2015


 I attended Mandy’s Mindfulness and Meditation eight week course. I did not know what to expect and a little nervous going to the fist meeting. I felt at ease straight away, it was such a lovely group all so friendly and Mandy so warm and professional made me feel so at ease. I so enjoyed the course and found it so helpful to focus on my thinking and just not being on autopilot. I was really surprised by the way it has changed my life I am more mindful of all aspects of my life and see things improving it is so powerful .I feel I have returned to the real me. There is a lovely relaxing, inspiring meditation at the end of each meeting. I can’t wait to take a further course.
Jan. July 2015


I was referred by my GP at the Friarsgate practice to Mandy Papas for mindfulness counselling, following complications arising from surgery which had left me anxious and distressed. With Mandy’s help, I followed a course of mindfulness sessions over a period of eight weeks. I found Mandy to be approachable, open and professional in all her dealings. She understood the particular circumstances in which I found myself, and adjusted the counselling accordingly. That enabled me to learn strategies for coping with my own difficulties, and to begin to re-orient the way in which I was approaching my concerns. She explained that this approach would not produce an overnight cure, but it certainly provided me with short-term support as well as a longer term path to follow.
For me, the mindfulness meditations were particularly helpful, as were other simple strategies for dealing with the day-to-day. I am still working on what can be achieved over a longer time period. I am confident that the advice of Mandy has given me, and her ready accessibility when I have had a particular question, will be central to that. I can unhesitatingly recommend Mandy to anyone who is looking for mindfulness counselling, and indeed a broader range of counselling skills. I very much hope to remain in contact with her and to be able to take forward together in the future what we have worked on so far.
Tony Stoller 12 May 2015


“I just wanted to let you know that the hypnobirthing really worked. I was in labour for 4 and a half days and in proper labour for 14 hours. Using the techniques from hypnobirthing i kept focused the entire time and was able to labour for 10 hours in the hydropool and gave birth only using gas and air. I would even say that i totally loved giving birth and can’t wait to do it again! :) Many thanks for your help,”
Rachel Evans Hampshire


“There are so many “alternative therapists” out there, how do you know which ones are genuinely able to help you? The best way is to go on recommendation and I am more than happy to recommend Mandy Papas of Positively You Hypnotherapy. I have had several relaxing therapy sessions with Mandy and all have been effective. I am currently awaiting surgery on an extremely painful knee and using strong painkillers has meant I am less able to function in my training and coaching business. I am now able to work normally by using the pain management techniques Mandy has demonstrated. She has helped me to use simple breathing exercises when the pain is mild and also when more severe. Mandy has also provided me with a bespoke recording that I can use when unable to see her in person. I don’t understand how it works but it certainly does!  Thank you Mandy.”
Mrs Down, Hedge End, Southampton


“Throughout my sessions with Mandy I found her to be friendly, approachable and professional at all times. Through a number of techniques, she helped me to deal with work-related stress and anxiety. I came away from the sessions feeling better equipped to deal with pressures of work and better able to manage emotions resulting in a better perspective on a work-life balance. Being more relaxed and positive as well as practising some of Mandy’s techniques had the added impact of allowing my husband and I to conceive naturally after many months.”
Jo, Southampton


“Mandy was recommended to me when as an already nervous learner driver, I found myself in a position where I needed to pass my driving test within a very short space of time. I was unsure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised! Mandy is brilliantly warm and friendly and was able to quickly identify my needs in order to help me. The sessions were wonderful,  I felt relaxed and refreshed after each one, as if I had been on a lovely holiday. Mandy showed me brilliant methods to control my anxiety and provided me with recordings of our sessions so I could continue at home. I passed my test first time within a few weeks and I am positive that I wouldn’t have achieved that had I not been armed with Mandy’s techniques! Far more than that, they are tools for life and something I have and will continue to use to maintain control of my anxiety and build my confidence.  I couldn’t recommend Mandy highly enough; I think everyone should see her!”
Jenni, Chandlers Ford


“Mandy was recommended by our local doula, and together with my husband, I attended a series of three sessions that taught us various easy and useful breathing techniques and visualisations which I was able to use to reduce fear and remain calm during labour (my “beach” will forever be my anchor whenever I feel anxious or stressed … I hope to find it one day). As recommended, I listened to my hypnobirthing clips and practiced on the train to and from work in the weeks prior to giving birth, and so when our daughter decided to arrive 10 days early I felt prepared and confident to give birth naturally and safely at home without the need for intervention. Our beautiful baby girl was delivered as hoped for, in our birth pool and in the comfort of our home, to the sound of Adore Jazz. I was able to breastfeed successfully and we fall more in love with our healthy, happy (she is such a “chilled” little lady) and beautiful baby girl with each passing day. Thank you Mandy for your role in this beautiful and life changing experience.”
Nicci, Winchester


“Mandy is a lovely lady and her passion for her work was so strong and infectious. We build good rapport during the lead up conversations, when Mandy asks about your life and reasons for, in my case giving  up smoking, this enables Mandy to write a bespoke script for the actual hypnotherapy session. The session was very deep and emotional in parts, but finished with strong positives to equip you going forward. Mandy also offered techniques for coping if I felt myself weakening in the days ahead. I felt totally at ease with Mandy from the off, and would highly recommend a visit, and not just for smoking cessation. I also felt Mandy genuinely cared and that showed in the follow up texts and emails.
 Julia, Kingsworthy, Winchester


“I met Mandy Papas at the Winchester Sport and Spine clinic when I needed some motivation to help me lose weight.I needed to lose weight for me to feel good and to ward off any future health risks, as far as I could. From our first telephone consultation Mandy put me at ease and I felt relaxed and comfortable with her. Although I realised that I needed to be the one that changed the way I eat Mandy, helped me understand the new choices I had around my eating and my motivations levels to eat sensibly. Mandy is so easy to talk to, and has a very caring attitude. From day one Mandy gave me skills to make the right choices.  She is professional and genuine and I would recommend Mandy to anyone who wanted to change a behaviour using her skills. I have now lost 1 stone in weight in 10 weeks!  Thank you!”
Lesley, Winchester


“In February 2013 my first symptoms of pneumonia were broken nights caused by intense night sweats.  The pneumonia turned into pleurisy. Due to these sweats my normal sleep patterns were badly disturbed and I developed chronic insomnia and could only sleep by taking strong, addictive sleeping tablets.  As I didn’t want to become dependant on these, I contacted Mandy Papas of Positively YOU Hypnotherapy to see if she could help me.  She was positive from the start and over a course of sessions she taught me relaxation exercises and other techniques which I employed, and I returned to my former, normal sleeping habits without the help of medically prescribed sleeping drugs.”
Brian B, Winchester


“For more years than I care to remember I have suffered from an inability to admit to verbally, and show physically, love and affection for those nearest and dearest to me. Also I was unable to “get down” with the children and grandchildren, always remaining aloof and apart. Couldn’t engage at their level where others around me found it so easy. Had a number of counselling sessions and various medications in the past but all to no avail. Mandy was recommended to me and although a little skeptical I was willing to give hypnotherapy a go. I really needed to do something to get myself out of this castle I had built around myself. Wow! After the first session I felt a change in myself and my attitudes, certainly a move in the right direction. The simple exercises maintained that through to the next session and each subsequent one built on the changes in me. After a small number visits I am now out on my own  and it’s “work in progress”, continuing the work that Mandy started and taught me to build on. I can now see my goal and work towards it, knowing that Mandy is there if, and only if, I need a “top up” occasionally. Someone very close recently remarked, “I like this new you” You have to be positive in your desire to achieve your aim or deal with your problem and if you go into it with that attitude I am confident that Mandy and her skills can help you on your way to achieving your goal”.
The simple exercises maintained that through to the next session and each subsequent one built on the changes in me. After a small number visits I am now out on my own  and it’s “work in progress”, continuing the work that Mandy started and taught me to build on. I can now see my goal and work towards it, knowing that Mandy is there if, and only if, I need a “top up” occasionally. Someone very close recently remarked, “I like this new you” You have to be positive in your desire to achieve your aim or deal with your problem and if you go into it with that attitude I am confident that Mandy and her skills can help you on your way to achieving your goal”.
Tony, Southampton


“I went to see Mandy to help me with confidence and nerves in all areas of my life. I’m a passionate horsewoman and have had my own horses for a very long time and then went back to working with horses a year ago. 5 years ago I had a succession of traumatic riding accidents which caused a period of  total memory loss and a long time off work.  My nerves and confidence were in tatters but I went on to purchase another beloved horse who also threw me off (my nerves and lack of confidence were a contributing factor) cracking more ribs but I loved him so much I decided I had to get some help as I was a complete wreck with any horse I got on or handled. The first time I met Mandy I knew I was in safe hands. I started my sessions with an open mind as this was my last chance to sort myself out. She gave me the tools to help myself and believe in myself again. With her help I have got back on my beloved horse and I’ve been out competing on another horse I now have – even managing to do Showjumping for the first time in 25 years! I would recommend Mandy 100% and without her help I would not be doing what I’m doing”.
Mandy J, Winchester


“From having a health problem I found that I was becoming less capable to keep calm and keep control over my mental and physical state., plus, losing my confidence to get on with daily life was beginning to become a problem. My mum recommended seeing Mandy and I admit I was not convinced that Hypnotherapy would solve my issues. But I was extremely surprised by after 3 sessions how my mental and physical well being changed in the positive direction. Now I am able to use Mandy’s techniques on relaxation when and wherever I need to, being at home, work or in the street. My confidence and self-esteem levels have rocketed up, The atmosphere and vibe that Mandy gives is professional but also personal which definitely puts you at ease. Thanks for everything!”
Rachel, Alresford 


“Have you ever felt as if you were losing control of your life but didn’t have the strength to make the changes you knew deep down that you wanted. This is how I felt before I went to see Mandy. I went because I trusted her and because I knew I had to try something new If I was going to get my old, positive, energetic self back again! Mandy made me feel really relaxed. She put a huge amount of time and preparation into structuring sessions that would really target the things I wanted to work on. After just a few sessions I finally had the courage to start living the life I wanted again, facing fears that suddenly didn’t seem too big to handle any more. Hypnotherapy is fantastic. It helps you to listen to the part of your mind that knows what is right for you but doesn’t get a chance to be heard in the muddle, stress and confusion of modern life. If you want to try this fantastic therapy in the hands of someone highly professional who really cares about helping the people she treats then go and see Mandy. It was a fantastic experience for me.”
Emma, Winchester


“Having never tried hypnotherapy before I was a little apprehensive and quite sceptical at first – it’s a bit strange lying down and closing your eyes in front of someone else during the daytime! But I quickly got used to it; Mandy was very professional and went out of her way to put me at ease so it didn’t feel long for me to feel completely comfortable. In fact I was surprised how quickly the hypnotherapy had a positive impact on my life.” 
Anna, Colden Common


“I went to see Mandy because I wanted help with losing weight. When we first chatted it became apparent that I also needed help with my mood swings and stress levels as it was affecting my family and also my eating habits. During my sessions Mandy was very clear with what we were doing and how we were going to go about it. She also gave me some tips after the sessions to keep up the momentum. I found the sessions very relaxing and it was great to be able to switch off from everything and just listen to the messages that Mandy was giving me. I certainly felt more empowered and in control and was delighted that my total weight loss over 3 months was 18lbs. I look forward to continuing with her in the future.”
Molly, Kingsworthy


“Having experienced a fear of loud noises such as balloons, party poppers, fireworks etc since the age of 4, I sought help from Mandy through hypnotherapy. During the 6 sessions, I could notice a difference in my reaction to such noises, and found the sessions to be extremely relaxing. I have now overcome my fear, and can now be in an environment with balloons without feeling anxious. I have also recently been to a theatre production, something which I didn’t think was possible as I had previously always been anxious about there being loud noises within the production. In the past couple of months, I have seen a real difference in my life, as I am no longer worried about going into an environment where there is the possibility of any loud noises. Unintentionally, after being afraid of spiders all my life, hypnotherapy taught me so many relaxing and calming techniques, that I have also managed to overcome my fear, which to me is a great achievement. “
Lilly, Winchester


” I found Mandy had just the right approach to help me with my problems. Her friendly, calm and sympathetic manner made me at ease straightaway. She gave me he ability to deal with my current problems in a positive and meaningful way and I now have the confidence to go forward knowing I have the tools to cope with stressful situations whenever they occur.”
Gillian, Winchester


“Before the birth of our first child we’d been recommended by my friends to undertake a hypnobirthing course, and through some local research found Mandy Papas who works out of the Sports and Spine Clinic in Winchester. When we first spoke to Mandy she was great at explaining the course content and benefits of hypnobirthing. This was our first experience of both child birth and hypnotherapy, and Mandy gave us all the information we needed to know in language we could understand. Her flexible approach to teaching meant that we could arrange a schedule that suited our own timetable, and the course was conducted over two weekends.
Right from the outset Mandy put us at ease with her friendly and professional manner. Her knowledge and teaching were excellent, and she was great at explaining the processes of childbirth and what we should expect during the labour. Armed with this knowledge she was able to allay our fears by encouraging us, through hypnotherapy, to adopt a very positive approach to birthing. Her treatments are aimed at making the delivery of our first child an all together more relaxing and enjoyable experience, and I can tell you we’re now really looking forward to the big day. Thanks Mandy!”
David & Ruth Winchester


“As the Chair of a networking group it’s always a challenge to bring some variety to the group meeting. We struck gold with Mandy Papas of Positively YOU. Her superb group hypnotherapy session on “Creating a positive mindset and reaching your goals” went down a storm with our members and was enormously useful to entrepreneurs battling in this economic climate. Other networking groups would be mad not to miss out!”
Jane Buswell, Business Fulcrum, Chair of WBG


I have passed out multiple times throughout my life when faced with needles, pain and the sight of my own blood. Having previously been unable to get through an operation under local anaesthetic where general was not an option I decided to give hypnotherapy I try. I found Mandy to be extremely friendly and understanding to my problem during the consultation so booked in for my first session.
I had three sessions over four weeks, each in turn helping me to relax and control my breathing, seeking out the cause of my fear and then finally banishing that fear for good. I felt in total control at all times and Mandy has the most calming voice I’ve ever heard. I got to listen to the recordings between each session which helped with relaxing at home.  My operation was booked two weeks after the third session and I sat awake throughout the six hour procedure with the biggest smile on my face. I could not believe I was coping without a single fear and nor could the doctor. I really cannot recommend hypnotherapy and Mandy enough.”
Leigh Carter, Southampton