Weight Management Hypnotherapy In Winchester

Weight management in WinchesterWe are a culture of dieters but how many diets and ‘quick-fixes have you tried in your quest to lose weight? If you think about the language used in weight management it is quite often very negative – lose weight…. cut back on this…. give up that….. it is no wonder that we see it in a negative frame of mind and we constantly feel we are denying ourselves something.

How does Hypnotherapy for weight management work?

Hypnotherapy for weight management helps to re-programme your beliefs and habits around weight management so you feel a sense of control over the whole process. Because you are using your powerful subconscious mind, which is a lot more effective than your conscious mind– you are accessing the place where you hold all your habits and beliefs and you can make lasting change. Using hypnotherapy for weight management ,we look at your lifestyle – any stresses or worries that are impacting your eating habits and identifying your real reason for over eating or eating the wrong foods – is it for comfort?…maybe for reward?…..but using hypnotherapy techniques I help you to find alternative healthy habits for reward, comfort, etc.

Hypnotherapy for weight management also helps to increase your motivation to exercise more and incorporates positive visualisation and relaxation techniques. Weight management hypnotherapy takes the hard work out of weight loss and reduces feelings of deprivation and hunger normally associated with dieting.

Hypno Gastric Band

I offer a package of 4 sessions in Winchester and surroundings for the Hypno Gastric Band. The first two sessions of hypno gastric band therapy will be looking at your current behaviours around food and exercise and where you can make healthier and more positive changes. At the third session I will perform your ‘op’ and then you will come back a month later to either have the band loosened or tightened. I offer ongoing support and advice.

  • You can experience the benefits of a surgical Gastric Band without the pain and expense of surgery!
  • I use guided relaxation and positive visualisation to help you create a state of mind where you believe you have had a gastric band fitted!
  • You can eat smaller portions of food, feeling satisfied and in control
  • You have increased motivation to exercise and to eat a healthy diet , incorporating some treats without feeling you are denying yourself anything.
  • Hypno gastric band is a long-term solution to your weight management issues as we are dealing with your mindset around food and incorporating new positive habits.

Hypnoslim Sessions

Do you want to:

  • Understand the real reasons why you overeat?
  • Reframe negative thoughts around food?
  • Make sensible food choices with ease
  • Increase your motivation to exercise?
  • Utilise more than just your willpower to reach your ideal weight?
  • Have a support system and selection of self-coping tools

Weight management hypnotherapy is so much more effective for reaching your ideal weight, by accessing and working with your sub conscious mind rather than using willpower alone.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Management in Winchester

Weight management hypnotherapy and hypno gastric band therapy is available at my Winchester clinics. Please call me on 07917654546 for a free consultation.